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Call for papers – American Philosophical Association (Pacific)

September 15

1. American Philosophical Association (Pacific)
April 13th to April 16th, 2022
Westin Bayshore, in Vancouver, CANADA.

The 2022 Call (Society for the Study of Process Philosophies) is for papers relating figures (themes, critiques, etc.) on multiple lists of process philosophers: HeraclitusLeibniz, Hegel, Schelling, Nietzsche, Heidegger; Bergson, Deleuze; S. Alexander, C. L. Morgan; Pierce, James, Dewey, Mead, Whitehead, Hartshorne, Wieman, Sheldon; also interpretations of Plato (Timaeus), Aristotle (substance-in-process), Plotinus, Spinoza, Marx; Buddhism (Hua-Yen, Madhyamika), Taoism (Liezi), Confucianism (Xunzi, Zhu Xi); Johanna Seibt and Catherine Keller—and others on lists by Rescher, Seibt, Hustwit, Berthrong, Lucas, Browning and Myers, Sibley and Gunter, The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies, and Keith Robinson’s Process Philosophy: A Reader (Bloomsbury, forthcoming, 2023), etc.

  • Please submit your paper file to johnq@ctr4process.org by midnight, September 15, 2021.
  • Please include “name, affiliation (and state/province or country of affiliation), email.”
Please note:
“Videoconferencing is not Available APA meetings are possible only because participants stay at the meeting hotels and register for the meeting.”
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September 15