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The Ethics, Practice, and Economics of Ecological Transition

November 19, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm KST


YouTube Live

Youtube live streaming – only available in Korean
After finishing the conference, a whole conference recording will be uploaded with English captions.


Covid-19 has revealed the fundamental failures of our modern industrial civilization. The interconnection of our world’s biggest problems requires a paradigm shift—a transformation of our social and economic organization that is guided by a change in values and worldviews. Solar panels, electric cars, and carbon taxes get nowhere close to addressing the underlying causes of our complex social-environmental challenges. Society needs to change at a level far deeper than most people realize. In short, change the story, change the system, change the world.

Taking a stand against extractivist and exploitative modes of being is important, but equally important is the articulation of an alternative way of thinking and living. That is the purpose of this conference. We believe four things are fundamental to constructing a more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable world—what we are calling an ecological civilization. Transitioning toward an ecological civilization requires 1) a paradigm shift in philosophy and science beyond mechanistic and reductionistic worldviews, 2) a transformation of our social systems guided by an Earth ethic, alternative measures of success, and a renewed understanding of the “good life”, 3) a restructuring of economies toward wellbeing, including doughnut economies, circular economies, and sharing economies that reimagine economics in light of planetary boundaries and the common good, and 4) younger generations taking the lead on efforts toward ecological transition.



Conference Schedule

9:00-9:20 am (Snacks and Fellowship for In-Person Participants)


9:20-9:40am (4:20-4:40pm, Nov 18 – Pacific Time)

  • Opening Comment: Choi, Yeol Chairperson of Korea Green Foundation
  • Opening Comment: Philip Clayton President of Institute for Ecological Civilization
  • Special Presentation: Fritjof Capra (pre-recorded video)

9:40-10:30am (4:40-5:30pm, Nov 18 – Pacific Time)

  • Keynote Speech:John B. Cobb, Jr.
  • Q&A w/ Audience

10:30-11:50am (5:30-6:50pm, Nov 18 – Pacific Time) – Paradigm Change of Social Systems 

  • David Korten
  • Jeon, Byungyu, Professor at Hanshin University, “Future of Science and Technology, Labor and Social Policy
  • Lee, Kwang-seok (이광석), Professor of Seoul Tech, “the Future of Digitalization”
  • Ahn, Hee-kyung, Journalist in US, “Personal Relationship in Local Community”

1:00-2:20pm (8:00-9:20pm, Nov 18 – Pacific Time) – Ecological Ethics for the Good Life 

  • Karenna Gore, Director of the Center for Earth Ethics (pre-recorded)
  • Jeremy Lent
  • Kim, Hee-heon (김희헌), Pastor of Hyangrin Church: “Ecology & Religion”
  • Koo, Mi-jeong (구미정), Eco-feminist. “Ethics of Homo-Symbios”

2:30-3:50pm (9:30-10:50pm, Nov 18 – Pacific Time) – Sharing and Circular Economy

  • Hiroi Yoshinori, Professor at Kyoto University: “Visions of Sustainable Welfare Society” (pre-recorded video)
  • Wada Yoshihiko
  • Lee, Seung-moo (이승무), Eco-Economist: “Korean Circular Economy”
  • Yang, Junho, Professor at Incheon University, “Local Currency, Local Finance for Social Economy”

4:00-5:20 (11:00pm-12:20am, Nov 18/19 – Pacific Time) – Start-Up Toward Ecological Transition

5:20-5:30pm (12:20-12:30am, Nov 19 – Pacific Time)

  • Closing Remarks


November 19, 2020
9:00 am - 6:00 pm KST


Rachel Carson Hall, Korea Green Foundation, Seoul, Korea (& Online)
Korea, Republic of


Korea Green Foundation
Seoul Research Institute for Public Health and Environment
Center for Process Studies