China Project

The China Project, a program of Center for Process Studies, was founded in 1998 to promote the study and application of process thought by Chinese scholars and to enhance mutual understanding between Chinese and Western cultures. The China Project believes that process thought opens the possibility of combining Chinese and Western cultures and integrating premodern, modern, and postmodern insights from both Western and Eastern thinkers. It is hoped that through this interaction process thought will play a vital role in contributing to the well-being of China and the global commu­nity. The China Project promotes and fosters this constructive interaction between East and West through the sponsoring of conferences, translation projects, publications, visiting scholar programs and establishing process centers in China.



The China Project has the following Co-Directors:
- Zhihe Wang, Co-Director, and Executive Director
- Meijun Fan, Co-Director Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The China Project has the following members serving as its advisory board: John Buchanan, Kevin Clark, Philip Clayton, John B. Cobb, Jr., Ken Dale, George Derfer, Roland Faber, Henry Goodspeed, Herman Greene, David  Ray Griffin, Jay McDaniel, Leslie  Muray, Pam Phipps,  Ronald P. Phipps, John Regan, David Schwerin, Marjorie Suchocki, Alice Tang, Lik Kuen Tong, Karen Torjesen, Tom Tseng, Franklin J. Woo,Yih-hsien Yu

Your Support

The China Project welcomes your assistance with any of its programs. You can make a  tax deductable donation to support the ongoing efforts of the Project financially.  Please make checks payable to "China Project/CPS/CST" and mail to

China Project
Center for Process Studies
1325 North College Avenue,
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