The China Project has two major publications: Process Studies in China, an annually quarterly journal and Culture Communication, a bimonthly newspaper.

Process Studies in China 

In order to report on a timely basis the activities and studies of process thought by scholars from both china and the international process community, the China Project is publishing the first issue of  Process Studies in China mainly based on the Beijing conference papers. This journal is edited by Guihuan Huo, Yuehou Qu, Meijun Fan, and Zhihe Wang. It was published in February 2004.

The editorial committee consists of 34 prominent Chinese scholars. They include:

  • Junren Wan, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Tsinghua University;
  • Zhihe Wang, Director of China Project, Center for Process Studies, USA
  • Nanshi Wang, Prof. of Philosophy Department, Nankai University
  • Xiaomang Deng, Prof. of Philosophy Department, Wuhan University
  • Ping Feng, Vice-Chair of Philosophy Department, Fudan University
  • Ping Ren, Vice-provost of Soochow University, Soochow
  • Quanhua Liu, Prof. of Philosophy Department,  Gonzaga University, USA
  • Yuehou Qu, Prof. of Political Department, Tianjin Transportation College
  • Chris Zhu, Editor-in-chief of World Economy Forum, USA
  • Zhifang Zhu, Director of Institute for Philosophy of Science, Wuhan University
  • Baowei Zhu, Editor of Philosophy Studies, CASS
  • Zailin Zhang, Prof. of Xian Transportation University
  • Zhilin Zhang, Chair of Academic Committee of Philosophy Department, Zhongshang University
  • Xueguang Zhang, Chair of Social Sciences, Xian Posts and Telecommunications  College.
  • Guiquan Zhang, Vice-Chairperson of Sichuan Philosophy Association.
  • He Li, Editor-in-chief of Journal of World Philosophy, CASS.
  • Jierong Lu, Director of Research Department, Liaoning University
  • Fubin Yang, Dean of School of Political and Law, International Culture Studies University
  • Xuequan Pang, Vice-president of Zhejiang University
  • Kang Ouyang, Vice-Provost of Huazhong University of Science & Technology;
  • Jiachang Luo, Senior Researcher of Philosophy Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Wulun Jin, Senior Researcher of Philosophy Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Huimin Jin, Prof. of Literature Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Xuanmeng Yu, Senior Researcher of Philosophy Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • Dunhua Zhao, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Peking University
  • Ching-Hua Tseng, Editor-in-chief of The Mountains, USA
  • Wenyu  Xie, Assistant Prof. of University of  Guam, USA.
  • Zhen Han, Dean of School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Beijing Normal University
  • Xiping Jin, Prof. of Philosophy Department, Peking University.
  • Zhong Cai, Vice-chair of Philosophy Department, Nanjing University
  • Meijun Fan, Editor-in-chief of Culture Communication, USA
  • Honglei Li, Chair of Philosophy Department, Zhongshang University
  • Guihuan Huo, Prof of Philosophy Institute at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
  • Shier Ju, Director of Logic and Cognition, Zhongshang University

Culture Communication

So far China Project has already published nine issues of its Chinese newspaper, Culture Communication, which publicizes and updates the events in the process community and publishes some summary or short articles on the process. One of its aims is to bridge process scholars and everyday people, process thinking and its application in ordinary life. Another aim is dedicated to the cultural communication between China and the West, especially the United States. Dr. Meijun Fan is the editor-in-chief this newspaper. Its readers include government officials, scholars, college students and Chinese people all over the world, including the ones in North American, Europe, Mainland China, and Taiwan. Thus far this newspaper has received some very positive responses. It was regarded as "the most thoughtful Chinese media abroad".