Latin America Project


Whitehead’s thought has had occasional reception in Latin America, but no movement or community has emerged from this.  Efforts were made by the Center for Process Studies to establish a positive relation with liberation theology during the days of its greatest flourishing.  However, success was minimal.  Recently the situation has changed sufficiently to justify a new effort.

Most important is that George Pixley has settled in Claremont.  Pixley is a biblical scholar who has spent most of his life in Latin America and who was deeply involved in the liberation movement there.  He is also committed to process thought.  The other person who has fully combined liberation and process commitments is Ignacio Castuera, who also lives nearby.  A visit of several months by Gorgias Romero from Chile crystallized the idea of a new initiative.

This led to a visit of a team from the United States holding a conference at the Pontifical Xavier University (Jesuit) in Bogota, Colombia in Spring 2008.  Excellent relations have been established with that university.  We can expect help in making wider contacts in Latin America.

Current Projects

The Latin America Project is working on a publication of process materials in Latin America.  Pixley has already written and published in Nicaragua a book on the Liberating God in the Bible, with Assistance from Process Philosophy   We hope to get this small Nicaraguan edition picked up in Quito or in Bogotá and translated into Portuguese where its diffusion would be even greater.  A book by Catherine Keller has been translated and is to be submitted to various publishers.  Papers from the Bogota conference may be published by the university in a bilingual edition.

We expect a visit this fall from representatives of the university in Bogota who are interested in establishing formal relations, perhaps with Claremont Graduate University so as to assure continuing contact.

We hope to arrange also for republication of some of Whitehead’s own writings in Latin America.


  • "Acerca del título de Process and Reality," by Gorgias Romero García
  • "Continuidad Filosófica De La Evolución Del Pensamiento De Whitehead Y Presentación De Su Cosmología," by Gorgias Romero García
  • "Descolonizando la Cosmología," by Catherine Keller
  • "Marco Histórico Y Filosófico Del Pensamiento De Whitehead," by Gorgias Romero García
  • "Pluralismo Profundo," by John Cobb
  • "Un Orden Económico Justo Y Sustentable," by John Cobb


  • George Pixley, Director
  • Ignacio Castuera, Advisory Board Member
  • John Cobb, Advisory Board Member
  • John Slettom, Advisory Board Member