Books Series & Publishing Outlets

Whether you're looking for a place to publish your research, or looking for resources to support your studies, the below publishing outlets in process thought can help.

Process Century Press (Press)

Based on the work of Alfred North Whitehead, process philosophy uncovers a relational ontology at the heart of the universe that flows into all realms of human thought and endeavor. Because it describes the way things are, process philosophy finds expression in diverse fields, from the hard sciences to the most ephemeral arts. Process Century Press is dedicated to publishing books as wildly diverse as life itself, held together by this one idea: that ours is a relational, participatory universe—and therefore, what we do matters, to each other, to all forms of life, and to Earth itself. Learn More

Contemporary Whitehead Studies (Book Series)

Contemporary Whitehead Studies, co-sponsored by the Whitehead Research Project, is an interdisciplinary book series that publishes manuscripts from scholars with contemporary and innovative approaches to Whitehead studies by giving special focus to projects that explore the connections between Whitehead and contemporary Continental philosophy, especially sources, like Heidegger, or contemporary streams like poststructuralism; connect Whitehead... Learn More

European Studies in Process Thought (Book Series)

The European Studies in Process Thought is a book series devoted to the historical and systematic study of process philosophy in all its aspects. Although it is indebted to a philosophical tradition, in particular to the works of William James, Charles S. Peirce, Henri Bergson, Samuel Alexander and Alfred N. Whitehead, it is not dogmatically restricted to specific authors. It also aims at exploring various philosophical problems against the background of process thinking, i.e. the position that reality is in a continuous state of becoming and defies all attempts to provide definite and irrefutable answers or theories. Learn More

Novel Adventures: Explorations in Creativity and Spirituality (Book Series)

Novel Adventures is an innovative single and multi-author book series focused on exploring questions of spirituality (broadly-defined) and its connection to the global common good. This is not a series about “The Theology of X” where authors write about religious and/or spiritual interpretations of various social movements toward progressive justice such as a theological reading of contemporary aesthetic works or struggles for human rights. Rather, this project affirms the importance of creativity and dialogue, providing an opportunity for mutual exploration and learning between diverse disciplines and thinkers. Learn More

Palgrave Perspectives in Process Philosophy (Book Series)

The aim of this series is to provide monographs, edited collections and Palgrave Pivots from both established and early career scholars in Process Philosophy, with particular reference (but by no means exclusively) to the writings of Alfred North Whitehead, Henri Bergson, William James, and Charles Hartshorne.  The series aims to promote new writing in this area that is innovative, rigorous, and yet accessible to readers both within philosophy and beyond disciplinary boundaries. Learn More

Perspectives in Process Studies (Book Series)

The goal of this book series is to make accessible big ideas that are too often marginalized. By “big ideas” I mean ambitious, comprehensive, and fundamental questions about life, truth, meaning, and more. From cosmology and metaphysics, to ecology, psychology, religion, and beyond, the Perspectives in Process Studies series has been developed to engage a wide range of topics from a process-relational lens, harmonizing fragmented disciplinary thinking in order to develop integrated and holistic modes of understanding. Learn More

Studies in Open & Relational Theologies (Book Series)

The Studies in Open and Relational Theologies series promotes academic research and discourse on open, relational, and process perspectives in theology and religion (including those of open theism, process theology, neoclassical, and other relational and personalist traditions). This series is devoted to constructive and critical studies, especially those involving theological and philosophical speculation about the nature of Ultimates, freedom, power, relationality, evil, love, religious belonging, and more. Learn More