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2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference Retrospect

2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference

EcoCiv Korea had its 6th annual conference in South Korea on Nov 18, 2022 (PST). EcoCiv Korea launched “A Decade to Make a Difference” a series of conferences last year, and the 2nd year of the series continued to discuss the urgent need of attention to ecological issues. The main topic of this year’s conference was “A Decade to Make a Difference II: Creating a Human Community that Resembles Nature.” Unlike the previous conferences that were focused on collaborating with other agencies, and hosting a public conference, this year, we tried a different style. This year’s conference focused on the membership training and team spirit building. All the participants of the conference stayed together for one night in Odaesan Natural Meditation Village and Woljeongsa Buddhist Temple, where the utmost beautiful scenery of nature was shown outside of the window while the participants were discussing the topics.

2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference Participants

There was also a great opportunity discussing with EcoCiv partners from Korea to the US. It started with welcoming remarks by Dr. Philip Clayton and Dr. Wangshik Jang, followed by two sessions with four presenters. In the session of ‘The Ecological Civilization and Nature’ Dr. Andrew Davis and Dr. Yunjeong Han presented. The second session’s theme was ‘Ecological Civilization and Local communities’, presented by Dr. Yongsook Lee and Dr. Jeremy Fackenthal. Each session was followed by Q&A and discussion which were led by Dr. Dongwoo Lee and Sukhyun Park. The presentation and conversation brought up a lot of key issues in defining and resolving the ecological problems that South Korea and the US have experienced in common.

2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference Zoom Screenshot

The contents of the conference provided meaningful and important perspectives to all, especially regarding the local community. The conference was wrapped up with Dr. Andrew Schwartz’s constructive comments. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dongwoo Lee ( or Heeyoung Jung (

Dr. Dongwoo Lee is a founder of EcoCiv Korea and an Executive Director. Dr. Lee is also a director of the Korea Project at the Center for Process Studies. He is an author of several books. His latest book, Imagining Post-Pandemic Meta-Church, which was published in South Korea in September, 2021 became the number one bestselling E-book in the Religious section at Ridibooks’ store. He earned the PhD degree at Claremont School of Theology. Dr. Lee’s major areas of expertise are comparative religion and philosophy, process thoughts, postcolonialism, poststructuralism, contextual studies, economics and ecological studies. He is currently located in Los Angeles, California. He enjoys hiking trails, cycling and watching movies with his wife.