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CPS Publications

Process Studies is a scholarly peer-reviewed, and refereed academic, journal of the Center for Process Studies. Issues are published twice a year. It is the leading international journal in its field, and is dedicated to the study of the thought and wide-ranging implications of Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and his intellectual associates, most notably Charles E. Hartshorne (1897-2000), and others like William James (1842-1910), Charles Sanders Pierce (1839-1914) and Henri Bergson (1859-1941). 

The Journal of Ecological Civilization Studies is the premiere academic publication dedicated to advancing understanding of the theory and practice of ecological civilization. The journal provides a platform for interdisciplinary research, critical discourse, and practical solutions aimed at fostering sustainable, equitable, and regenerative societies for the long-term. From rethinking economies, systems of governance, and farming, to family systems, educational systems, religious communities and more, we invite experts from various fields around the globe to contribute their insights and knowledge toward addressing urgent global challenges.

Process Studies Supplements (PSS) is a scholarly journal published in an electronic format. It is intended to make available to scholars long articles or short monographs that are too large for the journal Process Studies. Material submitted to PSS is peer reviewed in the traditional scholarly fashion, but the mode of delivery is in electronic form.

Process Perspectives was the newsmagazine of the Center for Process Studies. It contains process-related articles, summaries of recent events, and news from around the world. The final issue, volume 44, was released fall 2023.

Creative Transformation was a magazine published by the Process & Faith program of the Center for Process Studies from 1991 to 2012.