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The Center for Process Studies library is the world's largest collection of writings in process-relational thought--consists of more than 2,400 books, 750 dissertations, and 12,000 articles.

The library covers a range of topics, available to guide researchers to process scholarship in hundreds of different areas, such as aesthetics and arts, biology and physics, ecology and economics, education and psychology, philosophy and theology, etc.

The Hartshorne Archive makes the primary and secondary works of Charles Hartshorne more accessible.  Papers by the CPS Co-Directors and others, including William Beardslee, Charles Birch, John Spencer, and Daniel Day Williams, are in special collections.  Unpublished conference and seminar papers are housed in the process member papers collection.

Scholars are invited to make use of the Center's unique and extensive library.  If you would like to support the library's efforts, please consider making a donation or becoming a member of CPS.


Thematic Bibliographies

For access to items listed in the below thematic bibliographies, please contact us.

Abstracts in Process Studies A-F.pdf
Abstracts in Process Studies G-N.pdf
Abstracts in Process Studies O-Z.pdf
Abstracts in Process Studies.pdf
Activism and Civil Disobedience.pdf
African, African-American, and Process Theologies.pdf
Agency and Process Thought.pdf
Alternative Theologies and Metaphysics.pdf
American Philosophers, North.pdf
Analytic Philosophy.pdf
Anisa Project.pdf
Aquinas, Thomas.pdf
Association for Process Psychology.pdf
Audio Tapes, Conference.pdf
Audio Tapes, Process and Faith.pdf
Audio Tapes.pdf
Beardslee, William, Publications of.pdf
Bergson, Whitehead, and Process Thought.pdf
Biblical Studies and Process Hermeneutics.pdf
Biological Sciences.pdf
Birch, L. Charles, Publications of.pdf
Book Reviews in Process Studies.pdf
Business and Management.pdf
Chaos and Complexity.pdf
Chinese Philosophy.pdf
Church Leadership and Process Theology.pdf
Church, Spirituality, and Process Thought.pdf
Clayton, Philip, Publications of.pdf
Cobb Christology.pdf
Cobb Secondary Bibliography.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of articles.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of Audio and Video.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of books authored.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of books edited.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of books reviewed.pdf
Cobb, John B., Jr., Publications of Sermons.pdf
Coleman, Monica Bibliography.pdf
Community and Communitarianism.pdf
Continental Philosophy.pdf
CPS Conferences (including lists of papers).pdf
Creativity, Creation ex nihilo, and God-World Relation.pdf
Critiques of Process Thought, and Responses.pdf
Death, Immortality, and Resurrection.pdf
Deleuze, Gilles.pdf
Dipolar Theism.pdf
Dissertations in Process Thought.pdf
Divine Immanence.pdf
Divine Omniscience.pdf
Dutch, Process Thought in.pdf
Earth, Ecology, Environment.pdf
Economics and Business.pdf
Education, Philosophy of.pdf
Education, Religious.pdf
Empirical Theology and the Chicago School.pdf
English Philosophy.pdf
Epistemology of Religion.pdf
Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism, Anglo-American.pdf
Evil, Problem of.pdf
Faber, Roland.pdf
Free Will and Self-Determination.pdf
Freedom and Liberty.pdf
German, Process Thought in.pdf
God-World Relation.pdf
God, Concepts of.pdf
Greek, Process Thought in.pdf
Griffin, David Ray, Publications of Articles.pdf
Griffin, David Ray, Publications of Book Reviews.pdf
Griffin, David Ray, Publications of Books Authored.pdf
Griffin, David Ray, Publications of Books Edited.pdf
Griffin, David Ray, Publications of Unpiblished material.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Abstracts.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Articles.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Audios and Videos.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Books.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Comments.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Discussions.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Reviews.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Some of the Dissertations Advised.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications of Unpublished Articles.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Publications on the Ontological Argument.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Secondary Bibliography--Articles.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Secondary Bibliography--Book Reviews.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Secondary Bibliography--Books.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Secondary Bibliography--Dissertations and Theses.pdf
Hartshorne, Charles, Secondary Bibliography--Unpublished Papers.pdf
Health, Aging, Medicine, and Bioethics.pdf
Hegel and Philosophical Idealism.pdf
Heidegger, Martin.pdf
History and the Concept of Past.pdf
Holy Spirit, Christian Doctrine of the.pdf
Human Nature, Theories of.pdf
Hume, David.pdf
Hungarian, Process Thought in.pdf
Indian Philosophy and Religion.pdf
Islamic Theology and Philosophy.pdf
Italian, Process Thought in.pdf
Japanese, Process Thought in.pdf
Jesus, Christology, and Incarnation.pdf
Jung and Jungian Psychology.pdf
Kinast, Robert L., Publications of.pdf
Korean Thought and Process Studies--English.pdf
Korean Thought and Process Studies--Korean.pdf
Leadership Styles, Church Leadership.pdf
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.pdf
Liberation Theology.pdf
Life, Meaning of.pdf
Loomer, Bernard, Publications of.pdf
Love, Varieties of.pdf
Marriage and Family.pdf
Metaphilosophy and Methodology.pdf
Metaphysics, The Relation of Theology to.pdf
Mind, Philosophy of.pdf
Moore, Mary Elizabeth, Publications of.pdf
Mormonism (LDS and RLDS).pdf
Music and Dance.pdf
Myth, Mythology, and Demythologizing.pdf
Native American Thought.pdf
Naturalism, Varieties of.pdf
Nature, Philosophy of.pdf
Nature, Theology of.pdf
New Age.pdf
Non-Theism, Varieties of.pdf
Ogden, Schubert M.pdf
On-Line Resources.pdf
Orthodox Theology and Philosophy, Eastern.pdf
Pailin, David, Publications of.pdf
Pastoral Care.pdf
Peirce, C. S. and Process Thought.pdf
Philosophic Method.pdf
Philosophy of Religion.pdf
Philosophy of Science.pdf
Physical Sciences.pdf
Pittenger, W. Norman, Publications of.pdf
Plato, Platonism, and Neoplatonism.pdf
Pluralism, Religious and Theological (Postmodernism, Perennialism, Ecumenism, Dialogue, Missions, Evangelism).pdf
Polish, Process Thought in.pdf
Political Theory.pdf
Postmodern Presidency [Audiotape List].pdf
Postmodernism, Deconstructive and Constructive.pdf
Power and Omnipotence.pdf
Primal and Traditional Cultures.pdf
Process Philosophy and Theology_ Introductory and Elementary.pdf
Process Philosophy Books.pdf
Process Seminar Papers.pdf
Process Studies Articles, Abstracts of (by Author) 0-Z.pdf
Process Studies Articles, Abstracts of (by Author) A-F.pdf
Process Studies Articles, Abstracts of (by Author) G-N.pdf
Process Studies Articles, Vols. 20-29.pdf
Process Theology Books.pdf
Process Thought in French.pdf
Process Thought, Annotated Bibliography.pdf
Process Thought, Book Reviews.pdf
Protestant Theologians, Mainline.pdf
Psychology and Psychotherapy.pdf
Purpose and Teleology.pdf
Quantum Theory.pdf
Reformed Tradition and Process Thought.pdf
Relativity Theory of A. N. Whitehead (by Christoph Wasserman,1984).pdf
Religious Education.pdf
Reviews in Process Studies.pdf
Roman Catholic Theologians.pdf
Romanian, Process Thought in.pdf
Russian, Process Thought in.pdf
Science and Religion.pdf
Science, Philosophy of.pdf
Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7).pdf
Sermons (Center for Process and Faith).pdf
Sermons of the Month.pdf
Sexuality, Human.pdf
Sin, Guilt, Redemption, and Salvation.pdf
Social Theory.pdf
Society for the Study of Process Philosophy [SSPP], Papers of.pdf
Space, Time, and Timelessness.pdf
Spanish, Process Thought in.pdf
Special Journal Volumes and Issues Devoted to Process Themes.pdf
Suchocki, Marjorie, Publications of.pdf
Syllabi of Courses on Process Thought.pdf
Systems Theory.pdf
Teilhard de Chardin.pdf
Teleology and Purpose.pdf
Theism, Dipolar.pdf
Theology and Philosophy, Introductory and Elementary Material in Process.pdf
Theology Books, Process.pdf
Tillich, Paul.pdf
Time, Space.pdf
Trinity, Christian Doctrine of the.pdf
Turkish, Process Thought in.pdf
Unification Thought.pdf
Value Theory.pdf
Violence, War, and Peace.pdf
Wesleyan Tradition.pdf
Whitehead, Conference Papers List, 1998.pdf
Whitehead, Introductions to.pdf
Whitehead, Memories of.pdf
Whitehead, Primary Bibliography.pdf
Whitehead, Secondary Bibliography [1978-present].pdf
Whitehead, Secondary Bibliography [through 1977].pdf
Williams, Daniel Day, Primary Bibliography.pdf
Williams, Daniel Day, Secondary Bibliography.pdf
Wittgenstein and Whitehead.pdf
Womanist Theology.pdf
Worship, Ritual, Liturgy, and Sacrament.pdf


Our Archives

The Whitehead Research Project Archive

The Whitehead Research Project (WRP) is dedicated to research and scholarship on the texts, philosophy, and life of Alfred North Whitehead. As such, one of its major mandates is to collect archival materials that throw light upon Whitehead’s life and thought. Since the Critical Edition project was begun by Brian Henning in 2006, WRP has amassed the largest collection of archival Whitehead materials in the world. It includes:

  • Over 1,300 letters to or from Whitehead or his family. These include letters to or from Bertrand Russell, Gertrude Stein, Charles Lindbergh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Richard Haldane, G.E. Moore, J.J. Thomson, and others.
  • Over 7,000 pages of notes taken by students during Whitehead’s classes—mostly his lectures at Harvard between 1924–37, but also some from his lectures at Trinity College Cambridge. These include notes by Charles Hartshorne, W.V.O. Quine, Paul Weiss, Susanne Langer, Victor Lowe, and others.
  • Rare first editions of Whitehead’s books.
  • All of Whitehead’s known published articles.
  • Other miscellaneous notes and documents, including minutes of the Royal Society’s Wartime Executive Committee, a program for Whitehead’s Gifford lectures, notes of Martin Luther King on Whitehead, over a hundred contemporary reviews of Whitehead’s books, a program for Whitehead’s Order of Merit award ceremony, notes on the proceedings of Whitehead’s 70th and 80th birthday celebrations, various newspaper articles about Whitehead, etc.

Materials have been gathered from various university archives and private donors scattered through North America and Europe. The three largest sources of materials have been: the papers of Whitehead’s biographer—Victor Lowe—at Johns Hopkins University; the Harvard Libraries—where Whitehead taught for thirteen years—particularly Houghton Library and the Harvard University Archives; and, most recently, a donation of Whitehead’s personal papers to WRP by Whitehead’s grandson and heir.

Due to agreements with the various archives from which many of WRP’s materials were obtained, much of the collection is unavailable for public viewing. However, over five hundred archival items are available as free PDF downloads at the online Whitehead Research Library (WRL), and for any materials that we cannot share, we are happy to refer researchers to the relevant source archives. Contact WRP Chief Archivist Joseph Petek for more information: joseph.petek@cst.edu.

The Whitehead Research Project aims to publish much of this unpublished material in the coming years as part of the Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead, the first volume of which was released in early 2017 as The Harvard Lectures of Alfred North Whitehead, 1924-1925: Philosophical Presuppositions of Science, edited by Paul Bogaard and Jason Bell. WRP expects to publish six volumes of student notes, and two volumes of correspondence.

For more information on the Critical Edition of Whitehead project, visit http://whiteheadresearch.org/research/critical-edition/.


The Hartshorne Archive

During his life, Charles Hartshorne designated the Center for Process studies as the repository for his books, papers, and other scholarly material. The Hartshorne Archive is a catalogued collection of the published and unpublished academic material of Charles Hartshorne, his annotated personal library of books and journals, personal and professional correspondence stretching from his childhood forward, and other materials such as diaries, photographs, degree certificates, honorary degrees, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material relevant to his life as a philosopher and a person. The collection mainly contains Hartshornes philosophical and theological works, although some of it includes works on ornithology.

Most of Hartshornes ornithological works, however, are now part of the Ornithology and Bioacoustics Collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.  Please contact the Collection Manager, Tom Webber, if you need further information (Ph. (352) 392-1721; Fax (352) 846-0287; or see the museum website: https://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/)

The idea for creating a Hartshorne Archive was conceived by Rev. Herbert F. Vetter, D.D., a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who studied with Hartshorne at the University of Chicago. While a visiting scholar at the Center for Process Studies in 1996,  Rev. Vetter, who once said Hartshorne has long seemed to me to be the Einstein of religious thought, someone whose discoveries and insights will be influential for centuries, suggested that we try to procure a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program to archive the vast amount of uncatalogued Hartshorne material he found at the Center. With the help of Rev. William P. Zelazny, then minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church at Austin, we received a $12,000 grant for the project. The Center for Process Studies assisted with the work-study needed to implement the project.

While full access to the Hartshorne archive is limited to scholars who have been granted permission to access the materials in Claremont, limited listings of available materials are available below. If you would like to apply for access to the Hartshorne archive, please contact us.

The Beardslee Archive

The Beardslee Archive provides a complete collection of all published and unpublished writings and donated personal items of Dr. William Beardslee. Beardslee (1916-2000) was a renowned New Testament scholar and process theologian. He was in the forefront of those who introduced literary criticism to New Testament scholarship and a pioneer in applying process thought to New Testament study. A graduate of Harvard (A.B., 1937, magna cum laude), New Brunswick Theological Seminary (B.D., 1941), Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary (M.A 1948) and University of Chicago (Ph.D., 1951), Beardslee was known as a scholar of brilliance and productivity. He taught both Bible and Religion at Emory University from 1947 until his retirement when in 1983 he moved to Claremont to become Director of the Process and Faith . Beardslee was a member of the Revised Standard Version Bible Committee of the National Council of Churches, as well as editor or associate editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion and Semeia, author or editor of eleven books and dozens of articles, book reviews and translations.

From 2001 the CPS had been working on the Beardslee Archive project with the help of William Beardslee Memorial Fund established by his family and friends. The Beardslee Archive provides an electronic database of the published and unpublished academic material of William Beardslee, his personal library of annotated books and journals, personal and professional correspondence and other references to Beardslee such as newspaper clippings, announcements of conferences, presentations, and etc.

The Beardslee Archive is composed of three sections: Beardslees primary bibliography, his personal library, and the Beardslee files. The primary bibliography provides Beardslees entire published and unpublished scholarly articles and essays, including his books. At present, the primary bibliography collection contains 11 authored and edited books, and 132 published and unpublished articles and essays. The personal library, which contains his annotated books and journals, is composed of 163 items. The Beardslee files provide personal and professional references, typewritten and handwritten notes, and miscellaneous material relevant to Beardslees life as both a biblical process scholar and a person. This section contains 205 items. The Beardslee Archive provides: (1) a physically preserved and easily accessible collection of Beardslee materials for research; (2) a formatted collection in a sophisticated database (Library Master Database) that is complete and organized according to type of document, subject matter, abstract, description, and date; and (3) a comprehensive index of all Beardslees correspondence. The Beardslee Archive Project is now completed and can be used for research by those with interests in Beardslees scholarship and personality.

The Daniel Day Williams Special Collection

Daniel Day Williams was associate professor of Christian theology in the Federated Theological Faculty of the University of Chicago and the Chicago Theological Seminary, then Professor of Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

The Daniel Day Williams Special Collection consists of two major sections: primary bibliography and secondary bibliography. The primary material is made of Williamss own writings, which contain books, articles, book reviews, sermons, pamphlets, interviews, and tapes. At present, the CPS contains approximately 17 books, 200 published and unpublished articles and sermons, 85 book reviews, 4 interviews, and one audiocassette titled The Faces of the Demonic. The secondary material, which is written by other scholars on Williamss thought, contains approximately 20 unpublished and published articles and books.