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The Claremont Process Nexus is a network of organizations that share a common commitment to process-relational ways of understanding and living. The Nexus came into being through a collaboration between the Center for Process Studies, the Institute for Ecological CivilizationPando Populus, and the Cobb Institute to better facilitate communication, collaboration, and support between members of the process movement. To this end, the Nexus hosts a global process events calendar where you can find information about upcoming offerings from the above organizations and more. This calendar is a great resource for staying engaged with all that is going on in this vibrant ecosystem and for finding opportunities to engage directly.

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Join the Conversation in Our Process Studies Facebook Discussion Group!

The Center for Process Studies manages a private discussion group on Facebook where you can dig into the finer points of process philosophy and theology in a community of intellectually-engaged students of these subjects. Here too you will find regular postings sharing new books and journal articles in process studies, as well as updates about upcoming events and offerings from various organizations.

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