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Call for Papers: 5th European Summer School in Process Thought

The Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia is proud to be hosting the 5th European Summer School in Process Thought, which will be devoted to a wide range of aesthetic themes and problems considered from the point of view of process thought.


Whitehead uses aesthetic notions in a very broad sense and they are related to any “occasion” in the world; hence, these concepts are related to inanimate entities and even to physical entities, such as electrons. Thus, for Whitehead, the concepts are defined in much broader contexts than traditional aesthetics does. This is the first level of inquiry. The second level of considerations of the Summer School will consist in outlining Whiteheadian aesthetics in the narrower sense. The third basic level of research of the Summer School will consist in the analysis of the aesthetic consideration of other philosophers, who either share with Whitehead his emphasis on process (Samuel Alexander, John Dewey, William James, Bertrand Morris, Henri Bergson, etc.) or were directly influenced by him (Charles Hartshorne, Susanne Langer, Donald Sherburne, Mary Alice Wyman and others).

We welcome papers, which not only directly consider one of the mentioned levels, but all presentations analysing aesthetic experience and works of art from the standpoint of process philosophy. Abstracts should contain the name of the author, the author’s affiliation, and the name of the paper; its length should be 300–500 words. The deadline for submission is April 31, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be May 30, 2018. Visit or contact for more information.