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CFP: Process and the Spirit

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks, AK, invites process thinkers to submit proposals for a three-day symposium on the nature and meaning of the Holy Spirit, July 22-July 24. This is an important area of theological investigation. While much has been written in process christology, little has been done in pneumatology. Historically, the Holy Spirit has been the least elaborated member of the Trinity. So where exactly might the Spirit fit into process metaphysics? Is it fully God? Just an aspect of God? A lesser form of being? What? Where does the Trinity fit into all this, if at all? And what does process have to say about Spirit-produced or mystical experiences? Can they be real? This, too, is an important area, as the Christian mystical tradition has largely been ignored in contemporary theology. The deadline for proposals is March 25th, 2020. Please send all proposals and questions to Dr. Blair Reynolds, Theologian-in-Residence, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Fairbanks, AK, Email: Phone: 907-374-0959.