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Cobb and China: An Intensive Study of Cobb’s Postmodern Ecological Civilization Thought Was Published in China

After more than five years’ hard work, the Chinese book, Cobb and China: An Intensive Study of Cobb’s Postmodern Ecological Civilization Thought by Meijun Fan, Lu Liu, Kaige Gao was published by Central Compilation & Translation Press, in February, 2022.

This book not only comprehensively explores Dr. Cobb’s whole and profound outlook of ecological civilization, but also how to realize ecological civilization by economic, agricultural and education transformation from modern paradigm to postmodern paradigm. There is little doubt that this book is very significant to China. That explains why it quickly appeared on the recommended reading list of government officials after it came out and the first edition of 3,000 copies were sold out. However, it is also significant to the whole world as it is making an ecological turn.

The Table of Contents enclosed here can offer you a kind of clue about how rich this book is:

Foreword by John B. Cobb, Jr.

Foreword by Xuaode Zhange: Towards a New Era of Ecological Civilization

Chapter 1 John B. Cobb, Jr., An Engaged Postmodern Thinker with Compassion

  1. Biography
  2. Academic Life
  3. Cobb’s Positive Karma with China

Chapter 2 Postmodern View of Ecological Civilization

  1. Exploring the Origin of Civilization
  2. Industrial Civilization is a Civilization Containing a Self-destructive Gene
  3. Towards a Sustainable Ecological Civilization-A Constructive Postmodern Perspective

Chapter 3 Postmodern View of Economy for Ecological Civilization

  1. Connotations and Characteristics of Economism
  2. Deconstructing Economism
  3. Towards an Economy for Community

Chapter 4 Postmodern View of Agriculture for Ecological Civilization

  1. Twilight of Industrial Agriculture
  2. Our Unprecedented Crisis of Food
  3. Toward a Postmodern Agriculture

Chapter 5 Postmodern View of Education for Ecological Civilization

  1. Today’s Dominant Concepts of Education
  2. What Education Should Be
  3. Exploring a New Model of Education: The Whiteheadian University Model

Chapter 6 Postmodern View of Philosophy for Ecological Civilization

  1. A Brief Introduction to Whiteheads Philosophical
  2. Cobb’s Contributions to Whiteheads Philosophy of Organism
  3. World-Loyalty

Chapter 7 The Hope of Ecological Civilization lies in China

Memorabilia of John B. Cobb, Jr.


For your information, Meijun Fan, Ph.D is the co-director of the China Project at the Center for Process Studies, Claremont; the program director of the Institute for Postmodern Development of China; Lu Liu, a former visiting scholar at CPS, is Professor and Chair of Elementary Education of Education School at Harbin Normal University; Mr. Kaige Gao is director of Jiamus Bureau for Rural Revitalization.

The Central Compilation & Translation Press is a top Chinese publisher who not only published Dr. Griffin’s Reenchantment of Science, Process Theology, but also published Herman Daly and John Cobb’s For the Common Good.

Cobb & China Book