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China Project Activities

International Symposium on “Covid-19 and Process Philosophy”, August 23, 2020(Online meeting) Theme: What Process Thought Can Do in Post-Covid-19 Times? Participants from the US are: Philip Clayton, Andrew Schwartz, Kevin Clark, Bonnie, John Becker, Meijun Fan and Zhihe Wang


2020 China Chongqing (Wulong) International Forum on Green Development Practice, Wulong, Chongqing, August26-28,2020

Theme: Exploring New Practical Approaches to Create Ecological Civilization

Participants from the process community are: Dr. Cobb, Paul Bube, Attila Grandpierre , Meijun Fan

Dr. Cobb delivered  a keynote speech


Taihe Civilization Forum, Sep.6-10, 2020 (online meeting)

Theme: “Science Culture · Future Ethics · Common Values”

Participants from the process community in the West are: Dr. Cobb, Andrew Schwartz, Arran Gare, David Schwerin, Susan Jain, and Zhihe Wang

Dr.Cobb will delivered a keynote speech


World Rural Revitalization Conference, Taiyuan, Shanxi, Sep.21-22, 2020

Theme: The Fate and Way out of World Countryside in the Context of Covid-19

Participants from the US process community are: Dr. Cobb, Carol Johnston, Attila Grandpierre, Yunjeong Han, Zhihe Wang

Dr. Cobb as co-honorary chairs (with Tiejun Wen, a recipient of Cobb Common Good Award) delivered a keynote speech


Indigenous Seeds Conservation Forum, Taigu, Shanxi, Sep.23-24

Theme: Indigenous Seeds Conservation and Rural Revitalization

Participants from the US process community are: Cliff Cobb and Zhihe Wang

Cliff Cobb delivered a keynote speech

International Summit on Life Education, Beijing, Oct.1-7, 2020

Theme: How to Deal with the conflicts in Life

Speakers from the US process community are: Dr.Cobb, Meijun Fan, and Zhihe Wang

Link here: 2020 Second International Life Education Forum·Growth of Life


Why Is Process Philosophy Important to Post-Covid China? Oct 6, at 10 a.m. PDT.

Prof. Xiuhua Zhang, director of Beijing Center for Process Marxism, Chinese University of Political Science and Law, will share her thoughts with John Cobb and Friends on Tuesday, Oct 6, at 10 a.m. PDT.  She was one of the lecturers in August for the International Symposium on “Covid-19 and Process Philosophy,” co-sponsored by the China Process Society, the Center for Process Studies, the Institute for Postmodern Development of China, and the Harbin Center for Process Education.