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How to Start Ecological Education with Children?

The 14th International Symposium on Whitehead Children Wisdom Education and the 3rd International Forum on Natural Education was held on December 27, 2020, in Beijing Whitehead Kindergarten.

20 speakers Chinese and Non-Chinese including Dr.John Cobb, Pat Beiting, Jay McDaniel, Paul Bube, Kavin Clark, Meijun Fan, Zhihe Wang, Xiaoting Liu, Yuehou Qu, Chuanping Fan, Shuzhen Xiao, Liying Liao, Bangxiu Xie, Li Yang, Pan Miao, Xiaoxia Yan.Yanfeng Lu(Singapore). More than 10,000 participated in this event online. Many good suggestions were contributed. A consensus was reached: Children Education in general, Whitehead Kindergarten in particular, should cultivate little eco-persons.