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Library and Archives Update, Summer 2022


July has been a very busy month for the CPS Library & Archives team! As CST transitions its campus location away from the Willamette University campus, the Library/Archives staff have been busy preparing both our physical library and archives materials as well as our digital library access for exciting changes. Archivist Jahan Ihsan (a CST MA Comparative Religion alum), has been instrumental in helping get the Archives up-to-date, and I am very happy to announce that the CPS Archive materials are at present almost entirely scanned and digitized. This is a huge help to the Library since running parallel to the digital scanning endeavors, I have also been planning, preparing and designing a full rollover of the CPS Library materials to a globally accessible digital ILS (Integrated Library System) that will allow process scholars and CPS team leads from around the world to fully search the complete CPS Library/Archives collections online. Expected launch date for the digital library rollover is scheduled for the first quarter of the new year (2023) in lieu of the upcoming 50th Anniversary of CPS! The hope with this digitizing project is that the CPS Library/Archives will serve to further the mission of CPS in the next 50 years by connecting process communities around the world in even more relevant and globally accessible ways.

-Ruth Chadd, Library & Archives Manager


Recent news from my archive additions notably include J.C. Moskop’s Divine Omniscience and Human Freedom in Thomas Aquinas and Charles Hartshorne, as well as a legacy of personal effects from Charles Hartshorne, David Griffin, and John Cobb Jr. Along with cataloging these personal items is an ongoing archival project of the CPS photo and photographic negative collection in order to digitally preserve the images for future use in publication or promotion. With such personal effects and collections of CPS imaging ongoing what is being achieved is the gathering together of the Hartshorne-Cobb-Griffin legacy. These scholarly effects include items such as early family photographs, passports, as well as open letters to the CPS community over the years. When the archiving of the photographic negative collection is completed, I am wanting to create a timeline of these documents that can be easily understood and appreciated by CPS staff, process studies scholars, and other interested parties.

-Jahan Ihsan, Archivist

Griffin, David - Personal Photo Effects - Contest Winner 1957