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New Book: Divine Echoes by Mark Karris

 Can we engage in prayer that is more effective, less harmful, and doesn’t make God look bad?

Theologian, therapist, and ordained pastor Mark Karris offers a first-of-a-kind book that explores petitionary prayer alongside theodicy, social justice, and personal moral responsibility. Is petitionary prayer an archaic and superstitious practice better left for old-time religious folk? Is there a more effective method of praying that doesn’t put all the responsibility on God? Mark Karris tackles these questions and much, much more!



Divine Echoes is available for purchase at
along with a companion workbook.


Too often Christians fail to think theologically when they pray. That may seem odd because prayer is a profoundly theological activity. But Christians too often pray while simultaneously ignoring their theological questions, doubts, and past experiences. Mark Karris offers a compelling antidote: genuine theological reflection on what prayer is and why petitionary prayer doesn’t always yield the results we seek. His proposals may shock you, but good medicine can sometimes do that. I highly recommend Mark’s book!”
–Thomas Jay Oord, author of The Uncontrolling Love of God