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New Book on Whitehead

The Quantum of Explanation advances a bold new theory of how explanation ought to be understood in philosophical and cosmological inquiries. Using a complete interpretation of Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophical and mathematical writings and an interpretive structure that is essentially new, Auxier and Herstein argue that Whitehead has never been properly understood, nor has the depth and breadth of his contribution to the human search for knowledge been assimilated by his successors. This important book effectively applies Whitehead’s philosophy to problems in the interpretation of science, empirical knowledge, and nature. It develops a new account of philosophical naturalism that will contribute to the current naturalism debate in both Analytic and Continental philosophy. Auxier and Herstein also draw attention to some of the most important differences between the process theology tradition and Whitehead’s thought, arguing in favor of a Whiteheadian naturalism that is more or less independent of theological concerns. This book offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to Whitehead’s philosophy and is an essential resource for students and scholars interested in American philosophy, the philosophy of mathematics and physics, and issues associated with naturalism, explanation and radical empiricism.


This book is available for purchase through Routledge or Amazon.


“This is an insightful and provocative account of Whitehead’s metaphysics by two gifted and determined scholars … Between them, the authors do exhibit the requisite skills for fully understanding Whitehead and put them to good use in this remarkable, highly original treatment … I heartily recommend that all readers who have ever entertained interest in or curiosity about Whitehead read this remarkable and pathbreaking study. The authors, who write with enviable force and clarity, are by and large right on target in their constructive re-interpretations of his philosophy.” – Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews