Process Studies

(ISSN: 0360-6503) is a scholarly peer-reviewed, and refereed academic, journal of the Center for Process Studies. Issues are published twice a year. It is the leading international journal in its field, and is dedicated to the study of the thought and wide-ranging implications of Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and his intellectual associates, most notably Charles E. Hartshorne (1897-2000), and others like William James (1842-1910), Charles Sanders Pierce (1839-1914) and Henri Bergson (1859-1941). The mandate of Process Studies, in sum, is to explore Whiteheadian-Hartshornean process thought at an advanced level and as it appears in related philosophies and theologies (as noted above), applying the Whiteheadian-Hartshornean conceptuality to a wide range of other fields: Aesthetics, Biology, Cosmology, Economics, Education Theory, Ethics, History of Religions, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Political Thought, Psychology, Physics and other Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Christian Theology, Eastern Religions, and etc. Articles and Special focus sections have been published in all of these areas.

Statistical Information

  • ISSN: 0360-6503
  • Two issues / year
  • Working language is English; academic references to other languages on occasion
  • Subject categories: 1) Philosophy; 2) Theology; 3) Interdisciplinary
  • CPS Contact: Wm. Andrew Schwartz
  • Average length: 320-360 pages
  • Refereed
  • Approximate Circulation: 1000
  • Indexes in Vol. 15.4 and Vol. 20.4
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  • Editor: Daniel A. Dombrowski, Professor of Philosophy, Seattle University; Seattle, WA 98122
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  • Style guidelines for submissions: PS Style Guidelines