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Piglet teaches Process–with Bruce Epperly

Does theology have to be dry and boring in order to be serious? Not at all!

The prophet Isaiah once said, “a little child will lead them.” But, what about a character from Winnie the Pooh? Can anxious, yet adventurous, Piglet help us understand our relationship with God and one another?

Theology is serious business. So serious that it can’t be left solely to adults! Bruce Epperly’s imaginative conversations with Piglet explore the contours of theological reflection from the perspective of Process Theology. Process Theology is often seen as far too complicated for adults to understand and impossible to teach or preach to laypeople. In this text, an experienced pastor and professor and a beloved character from the Winnie the Pooh stories bring Process Theology to life and explore themes such as beauty, spirituality, adventure, friendship, healing, and God’s presence in our lives. In the spirit of Jesus’ parables, Piglet’s Process will inspire your imagination and creativity and invite you on a never-ending spiritual journey with a theologian, stuffed animal, and the healer from Nazareth as your companions.

This is a book to read for fun and study seriously. It’s theology for everyone.


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