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Journal of Ecological Civilization Studies

Journal of Ecological Civilization Studies Cover

The Journal of Ecological Civilization Studies is the premiere academic publication dedicated to advancing understanding of the theory and practice of ecological civilization. The journal provides a platform for interdisciplinary research, critical discourse, and practical solutions aimed at fostering sustainable, equitable, and regenerative societies for the long-term. From rethinking economies, systems of governance, and farming, to family systems, educational systems, religious communities and more, we invite experts from various fields around the globe to contribute their insights and knowledge toward addressing urgent global challenges.

Editor: Wm. Andrew Schwartz, PhD


The Journal of Ecological Civilization Studies is open-access. You can access all issues by clicking the links below. By making scholarly work freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection, this open access model fosters the democratization of knowledge, ensuring that valuable insights are not confined behind paywalls. This accessibility enhances collaboration and information exchange, accelerating the pace of research and innovation. Additionally, making our journal open access increases the visibility and impact of research, reaching a broader audience and potentially influencing policymakers, practitioners, and the general public–contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected global research landscape, where the free flow of information becomes a catalyst for positive societal change.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (forthcoming)



Submission Guidelines

Completed manuscripts should be sent to for peer-review and consideration.

All manuscripts submitted to this journal should be:

  1. original work (i.e. not published elsewhere)
  2. by the author(s) (i.e. not written by another party)
  3. appropriate to the theme of ecological civilization
  4. written in English (though special terms can certainly be used in the original language as needed)


Your manuscript should include the following info:

  1. full title of article
  2. full list of authors with affiliations
  3. preferred e-mail for each author (note: your email will be included in the published version of the article)
  4. article abstract (150-250 words) summarizing the article and why its an important contribution to research on ecological civilization
  5. article body (5000-8000 words) formatted according to the guidelines below


Note: If your manuscripts is a resubmission of something previously rejected or withdrawn from our journal, please include “resubmission” somewhere in the subject line of your submission email. 

Formatting Requirements

Our contributors are asked to make sure their submissions comply with rules governing the formatting. The style guide for this journal is the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition), Ed. Joseph Gibaldi. The MLA Style Manual is widely used and summary versions are available in many handbooks and on the internet. MLA style is commonly followed not only in the United States but in Canada and other countries as well; Japanese and Chinese translations of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers are available.

Manuscripts should be submitted as MS Word – standard DOCUMENT (.DOCX) files. Graphics should be embedded in the Word doc and also sent as separate attachments in any of the following graphic formats: EPS; JPG; GIF.