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Process Studies Supplements

Process Studies Supplements (PSS) is a scholarly journal published in an electronic format. It is intended to make available to scholars long articles or short monographs that are too large for the journal Process Studies. Material submitted to PSS is peer reviewed in the traditional scholarly fashion, but the mode of delivery is in electronic form. Authors should send articles (whether hard copy or a disk version in Windows format) to the Editor, Daniel A. Dombrowski, Philosophy Department, Seattle University, Seattle, WA 98122.

Process Studies Supplements Archive

Issue 10 (2007)
This issue is a joint publication of PSS and the Whitehead Research Project (WRP).
Edwin L. Marvin, introduction and index by Roselyn Schmitt, forward by Lewis Ford
“Notes from ‘The Philosophy of Science’ lectures by Alfred North Whitehead at Harvard University (1927-28)”

Issue 9 (2006)
Adam Scarfe
“On Determinations of Causal Connection with Respect to Environmental Problems: Hume, Whitehead, and Hegel”

Issue 8 (2005)
John D. Gilroy, Jr.
“Neuro Wine In Old Vessels: A Critique Of D’Aquili And Newberg”

Issue 7 (2004)
Lewis S. Ford
The Datum from Which Concrescence Flows: Whitehead’s First Analysis of Becoming

Issue 6 (2004)
Timothy E. Eastman and Hank Keeton, editors
“Resource Guide for Physics and Whitehead”
Related Documents: “A Generalized Whiteheadian Theory of Gravity: the Kerr Solution” by Robert John Russell and Christoph Wassermann

Issue 5 (2003)
Reginald T. Cahill
Process Physics

Issue 4 (2003)
Adam Scarfe
Whitehead’s Theory of Prehensions as Inclusive of, and Conducive to a Philosophy of Education

Issue 3 (2003)
Chris van Haeften
“Atomicity and Extension”

Issues 1-2 (1999)
Lewis S. Ford
The Growth of Whitehead’s Theism
Lewis S. Ford
Locating Atomicity