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Xinlin (Vivian) Song

Xinlin Song is an educator, writer, and program director at Yunhe Centre, a place-based learning center in China’s Sichuan Province. Her work focuses on forming cross-sector Glocal collaborations to create meaningful dialogues that ignite social change. At Yunhe Center, her work focuses on developing pedagogy and programs that engage locals and visitors with meaningful dialogues towards cultural appreciation, self-development and ecological restoration. Xinlin writes bilingually about regeneration and worldview change, pedagogy of indigenous ecological wisdom, and re-valuing the countryside for various publications within China and beyond. She works with various cultural institutions on developing exhibitions, publications and cultural programs, including the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Chinese in America, Hethem Museum, Hongkong University Shanghai Centre. Beijing Design week, and Shenzhen/Hongkong Biennale.