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Creation Spirituality: A Theology

A Systemic Theology sounds like a work that will close debate, shut down questions, and attempt to sit conclusively on a shelf. In this novel undertaking, the author has borrowed that classical form and danced around it with a wonderfully accessible exploration of Creation Spirituality. Kuykendall’s tone is personal and invitingly conversational, and will lead the reader to want to further explore, to read broadly, and of course—true to the Creation Spirituality tradition—get oneself off the bookshelves and into the messy, inspiring, and beautiful gift that is existence. With scholarship and storytelling, the author entices Christians familiar with restrictive theological categories the chance to recognize the authenticity of the Creation Spirituality tradition, and to embrace a spiritual life that is vibrantly here-now and this-worldy. To those new or familiar with the tradition, Kuykendall’s Systematic Theology excels as both a primer and reference companion.

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