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The God of Tomorrow: Whitehead And Teilhard on Metaphysics, Mysticism, And Mission

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Alfred North Whitehead came from very different religious backgrounds yet a study of their ideas shows a number of important and helpful synergies.

This book by Dr. Bruce Epperly, skilled in the clear presentation of the ideas of process theology, examines those ideas and the experiences of these two important thinkers. Epperly shows the ways in which their themes converge and examines how this synergy can help us plan strategies to join God’s adventure of the universe in our own spheres.

He argues that both thinkers call for a theological adventure that embraces change and evolution and sees God as a dynamic and transformative force in the universe. Whitehead’s metaphysics of love and Teilhard’s metaphysics of spiritual evolution offer a synthesis that challenges traditional notions of God and invites us to recognize the mystical and transformative potential within ourselves.

Epperly emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to theology and mission that engages with science, culture, and the challenges of our time. He concludes with a call to embrace the God of Tomorrow and embark on a journey of creative transformation and planetary healing.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in process theology. It is suitable for individual reading, and with sections on spiritual practices with each chapter, it would be a great aid for study, prayer, and meditation in a small prayer or study group. It encourages personal application and action.

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