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Dispatches from a Time Between Worlds: Crisis and emergence in metamodernity

No doubt the 21st century will continue to surprise us, but the battle for the soul of humanity appears to be quickening. Do we have what it takes to save ourselves from ourselves? The internet has fundamentally changed our experience of shared life, for good and bad. The spiritual and ecological exhaustion of modernity is watched and discussed in a public realm mostly controlled by private interests, where our attention is easily hijacked and vulnerable to manipulation. There is joy and hope in life as always, but our species faces a capricious future. This anthology is an attempt to perceive our contexts and opportunities more clearly with an exploration of the metamodern sensibility: a structure of feeling, cultural ethos, epistemic orientation and imaginative outlook that is coalescing into an important body of theory and practice. Leading metamodern writers, including Zachary Stein, Bonnitta Roy, Lene Rachel Andersen, Hanzi Freinacht, Minna Salami and John Vervaeke, reflect upon the conjunction of premodern, modern and postmodern influences on the present to help contend with our plight in the 2020s and beyond. Fourteen chapters traverse a range of disciplines and domains to help the reader move beyond critique into vision and method. The aim is to create and inspire viable and desirable futures in this time between worlds, where one pattern of collective life is dying and another needs our help to be born.

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