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Open and Relational Theology: An Introduction to Life-Changing Ideas

Most theologies suck. They’re too technical or they describe a God nobody understands. Sometimes the God portrayed sounds like a controlling boyfriend or absentee parent. Rather than woo or persuade, most theology books clobber readers into submission.

This book is different. Thomas Jay Oord presents a theology that makes sense. It fits the way we live our lives and matches our deepest intuitions. To the surprise of some, it harmonizes with sacred scripture… at least the good parts. And it promotes a genuinely loving God.

Open and relational theology is controversial. Oord and others have lost their jobs because they embrace it. Others have been booted from religious communities or shunned by families and friends. It’s that radical! Using understandable language and illustrations from everyday life, Oord explains the core ideas of open and relational theology. He reveals why this way of thinking is life-changing – for good – for so many.

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