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You Never Step into the Same Pulpit Twice: Preaching from a Perspective of Process Theology

This volume develops an approach to preaching that brings together two important forces. One is process theology and the other is a homiletic of conversation based on mutual critical correlation. In this approach, the preacher does not unilaterally announce the Word of God but is the leader of an exciting conversation involving the biblical text, process theology, the congregation, and voices from the larger world. The preacher seeks to help the congregation identify God’s invitations towards inclusive well-being and to imagine how to respond in ways that are consistent with those invitations, that promote inclusive well-being.

The book begins with a crisp and clear summary of the worldview of process theology, highlighting its distinctive views on how God operates in the world through invitation and on the interrelationship of all things. The work then outlines an approach to biblical exegesis informed by process perspectives and sketches a method for bringing the biblical voice into dialogue with voices from tradition, contemporary theology, and the congregation and preacher. The volume suggests shaping the sermon to honor process theology and conversation. The volume concludes by noticing how perspectives from process and conversation help the preacher embody the sermon in engaging ways.

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