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Putting Philosophy to Work: Toward an Ecological Civilization

Change your thinking; change the world.

Philosophy has gotten a bad rap. As an academic discipline, it is mocked as irrelevant to modern society. But bias against philosophy doesn’t mean we don’t have one. We all have a basic worldview. This is as true for whole civilizations as for individuals, a point driven home daily as the dire consequences of the Western worldview—the most urgent being climate change—are now inescapable. But if Western philosophy has brought us to this razor’s edge, would another one be any better? The twelve contributors to this book argue, yes: the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead.

But what is process philosophy? This book is designed not only to answer the what, but also to demonstrate the how and whyhow process philosophy provides a practical answer to so many of the potentially catastrophic issues now facing us, and why it is so urgently needed.

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