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The Death of Omnipotence and Birth of Amipotence

Omnipotence is dead. At least it should be. It has no biblical support. And it dies a death of a thousand qualifications in philosophy. Those harmed and hurting wonder why an omnipotent God doesn’t prevent their pointless pain. The problem of evil buries omnipotence six feet under. But the death of omnipotence is not the death of God. In this ground-breaking book, best-selling and award-winning author Thomas Jay Oord explains why omnipotence should be rejected. But Oord offers a replacement: amipotence, the power of uncontrolling love. If we think love shapes and guides God’s power, we make better sense of life. And better sense of the Bible. Amipotence explains why God doesn’t prevent genuine evil and overcomes other obstacles to belief. An amipotent Spirit empowers all that is loving, true, beautiful, and good. No book makes a bolder but more needed argument for why God is not all-powerful. Those who care about love, scripture, and logic find what they’ve been looking for.

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