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Dao De Jing: a Process Perspective

Process Century Press is pleased to support the publication of a new translation of this classic book of Chinese wisdom. A project years in the making, this translation is a constructive step in the overall process of bringing the wisdom-metaphors of this ancient tradition into the modern world, for interpretation and application. The text, in Chinese and English, is illustrated by exquisite black-and-white photos that invite further contemplation of these timeless truths.

This 21st-century translation of the ancient Chinese wisdom-metaphors of DaoDeJing is influenced by previous English translations but departs from them radically. Using the interpretive lens of Alfred North Whitehead’s organic process philosophy, the translation examines deeply the meanings and values of this complex text by focusing on the “functioning” of key ancient Chinese characters in terms of their relationships with other Chinese characters, thereby avoiding the limitations of historical-etymological English definitions. It makes bold suggestions, presenting opportunities for engagement between two quite different cultures and civilizations.

To read this book is to take a long drink from a deep well. If you have never read the DaoDeJing, this is a wonderful introduction; if you know it well, prepare to experience, as never before, this classic book of Significant-Living through Endless-Creating.

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