Process Philosophy and Covid-19 conference

What Role Can Process Philosophy Play in Post-Covid 19 Times? —A Report on the International Symposium on Process Philosophy and Covid 19 Wei Lan, Hongyu Lin, Jiarui Zhao The tiny Coronavirus has almost changed everything. In Meijun Fan’s words, “No matter whethervarious kinds of tribalists and exclusivists like it or not, the Coronavirus has already…

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International Symposium on Covid-19 and Process Philosophy

More than 100 process scholars joined for an International Symposium on “Covid-19 and Process Philosophy.” The online symposium began at 8pm Beijing Time on August 23  (Online meeting) to accommodate scholars from time zones around the world. The symposium was cosponsored by the China Process Society,the Center for Process Studies, the Institute for Postmodern Development of…

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Thirteenth Biennial Personalist Seminar: Whitehead and Berdyaev

Western Carolina University, June 23-27 Program About 15-25 participants Program Structure In the 1957 Journal of Religion Charles Hartshorne published an important article “Whitehead and Berdyaev:  Is There Tragedy in God?” The Thirteenth Personalist Seminar will center around Alfred N. Whitehead and Nicolas Berdyaev, with separate days devoted to different aspects of their work.   The first day…

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