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Metaphysics and the Matter with Things: Thinking with Iain McGilchrist Conference Retrospect

Metaphysics and the Matter with Things: Thinking with Iain McGilchrist Conference Retrospect

Metaphysics and the Matter with Things was a well spring of humanity. Anchored by the work of psychiatrist and literary scholar Dr. Iain McGilchrist, the conference took its namesake from his recently published two volume set, The Matter with Things. McGilchrist’s masterwork presents a compelling case for what he terms “the hemisphere hypothesis” by demonstrating with exhaustive evidence the phenomenological distinctions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Conference Retrospect: Thinking Teleology with Alfred North Whitehead & Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Last month, the Center for Process Studies and the Center for Christogenesis collaborated to put on a conference exploring the intersections of the work of process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead and noospheric thinker Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The conference, featuring fifteen premiere scholars with expertise in Whitehead, Teilhard or both, sought to uncover points of contact and contrast between these two relational, evolutionary thinkers.

Process Scholars’ Voice was Highly Appreciated at “The First Forum of Village Leaders and Township Heads in the New Era.”

“The first Forum of Village Leaders and Township Heads in the New Era” was successfully held at the Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University from June 16-18, 2023. The theme of the Forum is “Rural Revitalization and Chinese Style Modernization”. This is an important event in the field of rural revitalization. More than 280 village Leaders, township heads from all over China and some higher officials such as Julu Wang, former governor of Heilongjiang Province, director Ping Chen from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Bingsheng Ke, the former president of China Agricultural University, and Bin Li, deputy Mayor of the Zhuhai City, Shoujun Wang, Vice President of Beijing Normal University participated in the forum.

Insights from 16th Claremont International Forum on Ecological Civilization

The world renown Dr. John B. Cobb Jr. addressed the participants of the 16th Claremont International Forum on Ecological Civilization and 5th International Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization in the opening remarks. He pointed out that “today, there is no topic that is more important than ecological civilization!” Indeed, the present situation of ecological civilization is a pressing and urgent issue for all of humanity as a part of the global community.

The 50th Anniversary Conference of the Center for Process Studies | Conference Retrospect

Featuring 36 presentations and 12 moderated panel discussions, the event aimed to not only celebrate the past, but also look to the future in the context of a new generation of process thinkers, those whose work and influence are forging the next 50 years. The conference gathered a truly eclectic group of young scholars and seasoned moderators from multiple continents and with distinctive expertise and research trajectories. It was deliberately structured in order to capture the profound interdisciplinary nature of process thought and its relevance to multiple domains of thought and practice.

2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference Retrospect

EcoCiv Korea had its 6th annual conference in South Korea on Nov 18, 2022 (PST). EcoCiv Korea launched “A Decade to Make a Difference” a series of conferences last year, and the 2nd year of the series continued to discuss the urgent need of attention to ecological issues. The main topic of this year’s conference was “A Decade to Make a Difference II: Creating a Human Community that Resembles Nature.” Unlike the previous conferences that were focused on collaborating with other agencies, and hosting a public conference, this year, we tried a different style. This year’s conference focused on the membership training and team spirit building.