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New Book on Process Psychology

From the Fontarèches meetings of the Whitehead Psychology Nexus. The provocative papers gathered here are of two kinds: on the one hand, philosophical discussions of the present state of affairs in psychology lato sensu; and, on the other hand, critical studies of the relevance of the imaginative generalizations of Whitehead for psychology and of the impact of contemporary psychology on Whitehead’s system of thought.


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The Whitehead Psychology Nexus is an international open forum dedicated to the cross-examination of Alfred North Whitehead’s “organic” or “process” philosophy and the various facets of the contemporary psychological field of research and debate. It seeks to mutually inform psychology and Whitehead scholarship by encouraging psychologists to research in a Whiteheadian atmosphere and Whitehead scholars to engage with psychology. Bold speculations balanced by “complete humility before logic, and before fact” (Process and Reality, 1929, corr. ed., p. 17) are especially valued.