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Divine Appearances: Transreligious Aspects of the Baha’i Discourse on the Manifestation of God

What are we to make of our world with its diverse religions and their endless competing claims to Ultimate Truth? There is a tremendous diversity of perspectives between religions, yet there are teachings within each religion that try to find unity within this diversity. Central to the Baha’i Faith is the teaching that unity in diversity should be a catalyst for greater fellowship between believers. Not in competition, but in a flowering of a new enlightenment founded on the principle of oneness; of God, religion, and humanity.

In Roland Faber’s exciting and profound exploration of this theme he offers new insights into Baha’i thought by taking a deep dive into the Baha’i Scriptures. He explores the mystical and philosophical dimensions of the Baha’i Writings in dialogue with Daoist, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi teachings, along with a provocative essay that brings Baha’i ideas into discourse with the work of early 20th-century American philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead.

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