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God After Deconstruction

Bad views of God and harmful experiences lead many of us to deconstruct. But we’re right to run from the nonsense we’ve been taught and from those who hurt us.

God After Deconstruction will not be welcomed by traditionalists. It’s not a book for people who think conventional theology works. It isn’t for people who just want to tweak a bit what they’ve been taught.

Thomas Jay Oord and Tripp Fuller offer an open and relational vision of God. This vision makes sense; it fits our experience; it’s livable. The open and relational view aligns with our deep intuitions about love and freedom.

God After Deconstruction is for those deconstructing and those wanting help after deconstruction. It’s for people in the fire and those with scars.

God After Deconstruction is an adventure for lovers in tumultuous times!

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