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The Power of the God Who Can’t: God Always Does Everything God Can Do

In a world that values power above all else, we need to rethink God. It’s not just better athletes and bigger engines, but weapons of mass destruction, assault rifles, lethal drugs. Our obsession with stronger, faster, more and bigger everything is killing us—and at the top of this power pyramid an all-powerful God validates it all. For those who want a theology justifying the power game in all its forms, omnipotence is the perfect pretext, but for a growing segment of our modern, scientific world, the notion of an all-controlling deity sounds increasingly superstitious, tribalistic. People of faith must do better. Our world needs a God whose nature is love, not all-controlling power. That God, the God who can’t, is even more powerful. The survival of the world—even the future of God—may depend on us learning to say, “God always does everything God can do.”

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