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John Cobb Christmas Letter & Thoughts on the Future of the Process Movement

Christmas Greetings & Thoughts on the Future of the Process Movement

I am 98, and for that age, my faculties are quite good. While I still can, I am reviewing my “legacy.” It is mixed up with the legacies of many others in the process movement. I rejoice not only that all of the process organizations are engaged in important activities with excellent leadership and genuine sensitivity to the context in which they are acting, but also that they support each other when that is needed. There really is a process community, and I am only one contributor among many.

Insights from 16th Claremont International Forum on Ecological Civilization

The world renown Dr. John B. Cobb Jr. addressed the participants of the 16th Claremont International Forum on Ecological Civilization and 5th International Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization in the opening remarks. He pointed out that “today, there is no topic that is more important than ecological civilization!” Indeed, the present situation of ecological civilization is a pressing and urgent issue for all of humanity as a part of the global community.

Empowering Local Communities with Sustainable Living Practices: Cobb Eco-Academy’s 28th Lecture by Ms. Maria Alonso

On 1 April, during the 28th episode of Cobb Eco-Academy Lectures, Ms. Maria Alonso, founder of Huerta del Valle-Organic Farm in Ontario,California, USA, shared with the audience the story of her organic community garden and urban farm Huerta del Valle. She was nominated and selected as the Ontario Woman of the Year in 2018 for her inspiring journey toward healthy food, healthy living, and a happy community.

The Second Living Earth Youth Dialogue

On January 6, 2023, the 2nd Sharing From the Heart – Living Earth Youth Dialogues was held successfully via Zoom Meeting. More than 100 people from China and the United States participated the dialogue, during which American youth Alexi Caracotsios shared his observations and insights on the long-standing “pandemic” in American society, loneliness and isolation, with the theme of “City, Community and Loneliness”.

2022 Ecological Civilization in Korea Conference Retrospect

EcoCiv Korea had its 6th annual conference in South Korea on Nov 18, 2022 (PST). EcoCiv Korea launched “A Decade to Make a Difference” a series of conferences last year, and the 2nd year of the series continued to discuss the urgent need of attention to ecological issues. The main topic of this year’s conference was “A Decade to Make a Difference II: Creating a Human Community that Resembles Nature.” Unlike the previous conferences that were focused on collaborating with other agencies, and hosting a public conference, this year, we tried a different style. This year’s conference focused on the membership training and team spirit building.