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General Announcement

Process Studies and South Asia Fellowship

UCI Process Studies & South Asia Fellowship 2024-25

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) Program in Religious Studies supports promising PhD students or recent graduates (within 1 year of graduating with PhD and in an teaching or independent research position of some kind) to pursue targeted scholarship in Process-relational philosophy in substantive dialog with any aspect of South Asian traditions and praxis. Projects that engage the Jain tradition are particularly welcome.

Fr. Joseph Bracken, SJ 1930 – 2024

Remembering Fr. Joseph Bracken, SJ

Joseph A. Bracken, S. J. (March 22, 1930 – April 13, 2024), was a distinguished figure in the world of theology and philosophy and a significant and beloved figure in the process community. His life and career have been marked by a profound commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and the synthesis of complex ideas, carefully negotiating faithfulness to tradition and the novelties of our contemporary situation.

Ignatius - The God Seeker

Ignatius: The God Seeker | Movie Out Now

The film Ignatius: The God Seeker is now available in four language versions which were independently produced with experts from
the different traditions: English, Italian, Spanish, and German. It was produced in 2023 under the
direction of Fr. Christof Wolf SJ and Siegmar Warnecke at Loyola Productions Munich.

John Cobb Christmas Letter & Thoughts on the Future of the Process Movement

Christmas Greetings & Thoughts on the Future of the Process Movement

I am 98, and for that age, my faculties are quite good. While I still can, I am reviewing my “legacy.” It is mixed up with the legacies of many others in the process movement. I rejoice not only that all of the process organizations are engaged in important activities with excellent leadership and genuine sensitivity to the context in which they are acting, but also that they support each other when that is needed. There really is a process community, and I am only one contributor among many.

Big News for the Center for Process Studies!

It is with genuine excitement that I announce a significant milestone in the life of the Center for Process Studies (CPS). After 50 years of thriving as a faculty center of Claremont School of Theology (CST), CPS is now spreading its wings and leaving the nest as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit!